2016 Obermeyer Tuscany Womens Jacket Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Brigitte and this is Slope Style. I’m here with Lisa from Obermeyer, and we’re going to talk about the women’s Tuscany Jacket, which is a gorgeous, beautiful fitting jacket but not only is it gorgeous and stylish, it’s got a lot of technical features too. Can you first talk to me about the fabric of the jacket? Sure, this is a Hydro Block Pro fabirc its 15k/15k waterproof, windproof, breathable and it does have seam sealing. Wow that’s pretty high, and is it warm enough? It’s extremely warm, it has thermo insulation and its 150g so it’s extremely warm. It’s more than fully insulated. Okay and how does it fit? The fit is a regular fit, but the nice thing about this jacket is that we also make this in petite and it comes up to a size 20. Oh you’re going to fit everybody. We are, this is one that just fits across across the board. No wonder we sell so many. So what about the features in the front of the jacket? We have a lot of features, but of course we always have our hand wamer pockets. This jacket has a removable faux fur and a removable hood. So if you don’t want the hood you can take it off, if you just want a sportier look you can take the fur off. We have stretch inner cuffs for a nice fit, on the inside we have a goggle and a cell phone pocket and a nice powder skirt. It has so many different features, I love the fact that you can take the hood, the faux fur on and off and it just looks like a good everyday jacket, so Lisa thanks so much for talking to us about the Tuscany Jacket. This is Slope Style.