2016 Obermeyer Leighton Womens Jacket Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Brigitte and this is Slope Style. I’m here with Lisa from Obermeyer, and we’re going to talk about the Leighton Jacket. We have two different types of Leighton Jacket, we want to mention that one is the Leighton Luxe and also one is the regular Leighton which has more vibrant colors, where as this luxe is more of a sports wear type printed fabric. Yes, more of our specialty fabrics like this mini houndstooth. Okay, and so tell me a little bit about its very gorgeous,pretty but does it have functionality? It does, all of the Leighton Jackets are waterproof, windproof, breathable fabrics they just vary depending on the style of the jacket that you’re looking for. Are they warm too? They are very warm, this is one of our warmest jackets its 135g of fiber down, so even though it looks like down and is beautiful and very stylish you’re not going to give up anything in the way of functionality. Tell me a little bit about this fit, it looks like it synchs in on the side, how does it fit the women? It’s an active fit but it really fits everybody, because of the way it synchs in. So it’s very flattering what your figure. It comes in petites too doesn’t it? It does, it comes in petites so really we can fit anybody. And what about, there is different features on the front can you point some of them out? The one you probably notice first is our metal luxe YKK zippers their beautiful zippers made to look like metal. We have our pockets styling of course, our two front hand warmer pockets which are lined so they have a nice fuzzy feel to them. We have an adjustable cuff and inside is a stretch fleece cuff for warmth. The hood is removable, so if you just want to look sporty you can take that off, and this fabric on the inside of the collar as well as on the back of the jacket it feels like a furry blanket. That’s like a baby blanke it’s so soft. It’s really,really soft. It also adds extra warmth and acts like a built in neck gaitor almost. Are there pockets on the inside too? Yes we have a valuables pocket right here and then we have our stretch powder cuff on the bottom. Wow, so who would you say this jacket is for Lisa? This is for the woman who is looking for not only a beautiful jacket to wear on the slopes but also something around the town. It’s very sporty, put it on with jeans and wear it everyday as well. I absolutely love it, thank you Lisa for coming in to talk about the Leighton Jacket. And this is Slope Style.