2 years with a Filson Bell Bomber Jacket: 100% Harris Tweed wool, Made in USA workwear?

Are you familiar with Filson, the Carhartt
for the 1% or maybe top 5%- maybe theres a YouTube economist who breaks that down income
levels and clothing brands. Theyre an old brand established in 1897 and
bought out by Bedrock manufacturing in 2012 buy a guy who saw a potential in marketing
and thought rich farmhands, fishermen, and lumberjacks would love this shit probably. While ? of their stuff is made in a country
known only as imported, some is made here in the USA (with imported materials). Which is the good Filson Unless you think
a $125 imported flannel shirt from filson is better than a $20 imported flannel shirt
from Walmart. Now you may not know that approximately 70%
of what I do in life is pretend shop on the internet for stuff I dont need and because
of that I got Filson curious a few years ago. I decided a Mackinaw cruiser was something
I needed in life and bought one that was too big off eBay. Oops! But through Reddit I learned Filson has a
big sale a sale twice a year which I bought the Filson Bell Bomber about 2 years ago in
super extreme limited edition Harris Tweed wool. I paid $125 for it when it generally retails
for $350 which I assume is the sort of workwear aimed at those poor family farmers lobbying
for the end of the estate tax. The Bell bomber is a staple of the Filson
catalog it comes in many different fabrics but the gist is its a short cut jacket that
sits above the hips with a lot of pockets. And while the Harris Tweed version isnt currently
made you can still find the regular wool ones, which to me looks like a black and gray version
of this one. Lets assume the fabric feel and weave, construction,
and wool thickness is similar between the regular wool bell bomber and this one. Or dont. Its the best I could tell staring at product
photos for 20 minutes- a real good use of time. Lets look at the construction first. And youre like so were doing fashion reviews
now huh? If youre familiar with the dense weave of
a mackinaw cruiser that truly can take a beating well this is its cousin that shops at OG whole
foods before internet walmart bought it out. The mackinaw cruisers wool is pretty abrasion
resistant, but this is more made from woven wool multicolored pretty yarn. And you might say oh a rug! Occasionally I have had keys poke through
but not damage the pocket, because it isnt dense. The jacket itself isnt blanket lined, and
has a thin rayon liner that has a basic duty to keep the itches down and not provide warmth. The wool exterior is a bit amorphous and not
rigid, and keeps you warm in non windy above freezing temperatures. Think high 30s-50s F , in dry weather. The wool is technically known as medium scratchy
so the collar isnt line and can rub you the wrong way if your neck is exposed under the
collar. But whats great about is, I can wear it in
cold rooms indoors, at my semi fancy place of work, and also outdoors the place jackets
are designed for. The wool has a lot of different colors in
it, so you might wear it with a lot of things. It looks greyish brown but theres yellow and
red or whatever left over wool thread Harris Tweed found on the factory floor… probably. My favorite part is the pockets, which arent
lined either. Great for a bunch of wadded receipts, knives,
flashlights, and whatever. Since this is made from a wool yarn, I would
not recommend overloading the pockets, because wool can sometimes tear if stressed. Im talking pounds of stuff rather than normal
pocket stuff. The side pockets extend around the side of
the waist and can look lumpy sometimes. The pockets have snaps, which work well. Well one thing I dont like is there arent
any vertical hand pockets. So bring gloves if you dont want cold hands. The Bell bomber is a basic style though, and
there are versions made from heavier fabric, some with blanket lining, some with the denser
mackinaw style wool, and more but fit and basic shape remains similar. And every year they seem to discontinue a
fabric, to reintroduce it later. The zipper on the jacket is a heavy duty brass
gold colored beast which is probably the most durable work friendly part of the jacket. You can also zip up from the bottom without
having to zip downward… I guess it would help if you have to get a
tool off you belt or your hunting knife. As far as the fit goes Im 6ft about 180lbs
with a gut that I suck in for these videos theres enough room in this jacket without
being constricting or overly large. Its not quite as baggy as a Carhartt medium
coat.. I think this is considered Filsons Seattle
fit, which is a bit slimmer than their Alaska fit. Complaints? I wish the wool was a denser weave, but as
it stands its not a chore coat or work coat. I purchased this on sale not knowing exactly
what to expect and one day I will probably get a better fitting mackinaw cruiser, because
I have no self control. I wear this jacket daily in the winter. It doesnt have a hood, so you might need a
scarf or hat if your one of those people. Or layer an American Giant hoody underneath
it.The only problem Ive had is one of the armpits the rayon liner has come un-threaded. I have not repaired it yet, because it hasnt
been a problem. Its a nice looking utility jacket for cool
weather, but not hard use. I don’t have any real fashion sense so it
works well with slacks and a dress shirt or jeans. If I had to place a value on it I’d say $250
maximum. I like it, but theres not too much to it. The buttons on the sleeve cuffs are not functional
which would be worth another $150 to me if they fixed that issue. And thats what I based my whole decision on. If you believe that and like this review,
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look like a prick. Thanks for watching!