11 Sewing a Button

Next is sewing a button. You have your oval that we cut out and your button, your threaded needle, with a knot tied at the end. So you’re going to take your button and just place it in the middle of one of your ovals. And then you’re going to hold it tight with one hand. You’re just going to poke from the bottom up through one of the holes of the button, just choose one, and pull until your knot catches. Then you’re going to go into the hole that’s directly across from it – not next to it, but directly across from the one that you just did. Pull to the back. We’re going to turn it over .We’re going to do another stitch, this time you want to go in the exact same place you went the first time, not make a new hole. So see how I punch in right there by the knot and pull through. We’re gonna see here what happens when you get tangled up and how to fix that. Again go down through the same stitch that you made before, pull through if your thread gets a little tangled, just pull it out. Stretch it out, just like that. Okay, turn to the back. We’re just going to stretch that out a little so it doesn’t get folded up on you. And one final time poke through this same hole you went up through the first time. See I have a straight line there, not a spiderweb. Directly across, down through the same hole I did before. So you do the same stitch three times to make it extra secure. Now we’re going to choose one of the other holes we haven’t come through yet. Just start underneath, poke your needle through and pull, and go directly across from that. Go down through the fabric. Now we’re going to repeat that stitch two more times. So we’re going to flip to the back, find where we went in the first time, don’t create a new hole in the fabric. Use the same stitch hole that we did before. Pull through one last time. Notice how I don’t have a big tangled mess back there on the back, just the same stitch three times each way. There we are now, we have it tightly secured. We’re going to flip to the back and tie our knot. Before we do that we’re just going to tuck our needle under the thread, exactly like we did our other stitches, and then pull back through the loop. And of course we’re going to do that one more time to make sure that the knot is secure. Tuck underneath, pull back through the loop. Okay and there you have it, you’ve sewn a button. Now you’re going to take your scissors and clip close to the knot without actually cutting the knot. Put your needle of course in your pin cushion, and take your spare thread and throw it away, and there you have a sewn button.