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an important update on my project for turning bed sheets into a dress welcome to the Sewing Report i’m jennifer moore helping you discover your love of sewing in a previous video I showed you my little shopping here to target where I picked up this twin sheet set and that I was going to turn it into a dress now I didn’t really do a lot of guesstimating while i was there i just figured it would work in Boo yah! I didn’t get one dress out of it I got two dresses and they’re fun because this is my leftover fabric i’m going to show you the dresses that i made out of this one set of sheets that cost me 1398 so really i got two dresses for seven dollars of material each and tuck the house is having everything but for dresses that i like that are hopefully custom made for me they turned out pretty good so the two patterns that i use this is the one I’m wearing this is Sew House Seven Tea House Dress really fun patterns there’s no closures no zipper in the buttons or anything so it really just has this like so typing and really just a pretty large v-neck so this dress is I would say it’s for kind of an advanced beginner or intermediate so is this should probably not be your first dress I did find it is facing piece so it’s got like a back yoke and then a front facing piece that goes down to the waistline and i found that part to be a little challenging for this dress features a v-neckline front and back neck yoke front seams inseam angle pockets cuffed short dolman sleeves and it has three different lengths options you can do a hip length top and above the knee dress or a tea-length dress I chose to do the knee length dress just because I don’t know I I wasn’t sure if I would have enough fabric hahaha and I don’t know I just like the way that one looked and also depending on what kind of never be used it really makes the dress look quite different if you use a real drapey fabric it looks much different than if you choose a more structured ever like I did which is a 100-percent cotton organic do it all it has two different high options its waist ties that go around which is what this is or you can do a spaghetti waist types or back tunnel I didn’t really want to do that just because I don’t really like stick any times that much maybe it’s just me and you pull it over your head there is a lot of eases of stress so I actually size down I should be a size 8 but then when I was looking at the finished garment measurements they were huge so I chose to do with size six and i thought it was totally fine for me so yeah that worked out okay I will say I used too heavy of an interfacing for the facing and the yoke / parts of the dress or the neck oh so the neckline you’re supposed to put interfacing both on the main pieces and you’re facing I one chose interfacing that was too heavy i used Pellon SF 101 which was way too much for this dress when I was direct messaging with Sew House Seven that was awesome customer service for them to DMme and give me some tips on what i might be doing wrong that was way above and beyond the purchase price of the eighteen dollars I paid so thank you very much so how stemming I thought that was really cool of you to do and also the other pattern I’ve got which I’ll get to later the creator and also offered some very generous notes about you know if I need any help I get contact them that sort of thing so I think it’s really great than these indeed have earned companies are doing this that’s something that may be the bigger pattern makers really can’t do because there’s so many patterns but because these are smaller companies I think it’s great that they’re able to offer very very personalized customer service so when i was messaging was so has seven they recommended that I either use a much lighter interfacing which I ordered start from a company called fashion sewing supplies which all links below they’re actually based on us like my hometown of Alden new york which was really neat so I ordered a few different types of interfacing and I heard great things about the company so I’m looking forward to trying it in my next dress which I’m really cited about because it’s from Tilly Tilly and the buttons book love at first stitch which will definitely be in a future video by the way so they recommended that I either don’t use interfacing on the pieces or dad if I do just to do it on the facing cases so just because this fabric is pretty heavy I really didn’t need it or facing and that did make some neck long as the back kind of bunch up a little bit and I also had a harder time getting the facing pieces to lay flat you’re supposed to put the facing into the dress let it overlaps the seem a little bit and then you can sit in the ditch and hide the stitching but also in close to facing pieces I had a pretty difficult time with that but I IN dedup kind of glue base unit with that Elmer’s school glue but I really should have made the wicked tells you to fold all of those themes of the facing and about happened I actually was done maybe like three quarters of an inch instead just because even after I sold was developer and there’s laid to pieces down I actually wouldn’t like I wouldn’t have costed see the ads like they’re still would have been a raw edge if I so i ended up and stitching is dead so i did like a quarter inch a quarter inch outside the seam lines so i know that kind of doesn’t make sense but when you’re actually making it it will so that was the only parmatown kind of tricky but i think if i make another one which i was life to another fabric and I’ve got some fabrics in mind that’s what I would do I know that’s kind of hard to explain but when you’re looking at it you’ll you’ll see what I mean so the other pattern i bought was you know this is sort of a like a pattern series is called woven essentials and it’s a collaboration between the very well-known fabric designer pattern designer Alison glass and a woman who I was unfamiliar with named Karen LePage care actually after i posted pictures on Instagram offered help which Karen that was that was awesome and very very kind of you so this is a really cool garment series kind of thing where they give you several different pattern pieces for like a skirt a bodice sleeve length and then you can kind of interchange them how you want so I chose to do a bracelet sleeve with a more like fitted skirt dress that came up to about to me and I thought it looked you know I was kind of I’ve been wanting to make more dresses was relevant woven fabric that’s that are a little more fitted and this was definitely a great option the instructions in the book now there aren’t a lot of pictures so if you’re really again new to sewing this might not be your first project but if you’re looking to do something a little more advanced this booklet also shows you how to fit your muslin and really get your bodice fit just right I think I did an okay job I have a smaller bus so I did a movie buff dark lines up a little bit higher one thing I should have done with the dress though is I should have papered the sleeves seems so that’s like and the other draftsman you like there was a little bit of gaping at the neckline and he’ll wants to see down your shirt oh that’s kind of creepy to think about but I should have graded the scenes and paper them off a little bit more and this booklet actually really explains that concept pumping it online so long where they have a lot of pictures and more descriptions so I really felt like between the booklet and that website that offered all that help I felt that was a great resource for making all these pieces and now that I have my Goddess he’s pretty much fitted I think I we be able to definitely make some really cool options in the future I mean really there’s so much you can do with justice one pattern series like you can really make just about anything you want like you could use fabric acts if so there is our nerd also a tunic so you can make a tunic with like a little ones in set piece in there so there’s a lot of things you can do with it and I really thought it was a good purchase so this was about $22 and then my Sew House Seven is about I think 18 as I believe shipping is free on that one and it ordered it directly out the website and I got this one off on amazon that you can pick this up and quit I’ve seen it in quite a few different places online plus they also have an it series so it’s basically to see the same thing but except it’s for this hour so I think this is a great service I think these are great patterns for sort of the advanced beginner / intermediate seamstress and I really enjoy making it both of these dresses the moment essentials dress this is the first time i did like a like a set in zipper I’ve done invisible zippers before but I not the way that they do the zipper in this pattern is pretty easy and not too difficult I did interface I use my some light interfacing on this zipper panel and that kind of made a little more stable so that you didn’t get any like waviness or bumpiness or anything like that but if there is one step this was a little slow going where girly you have a facing pieces and then you’re supposed to like hold the seam fold the raw edges in and then you’re supposed to like hand so the arm cycle but I thought that was a little bit tedious that was the only part that took me a little bit of time but the finished product does look pretty neat inside and outside so maybe it was worth it I don’t know but I do tend to prefer patterns that don’t require a lot of hand sewing but both patterns were a lot of fun to make and I thought the finished products were pretty good and now these were wearable Muslins and you know i just figured i would take some cheap fabric and at least to find that something up it you know wouldn’t be a total you know waste of money but they’ve all turned out like they’re both very wearable dresses the one thing i will say i do not like about any patterns in channel is de tracing and the cutting out part these are paper patterns so you sending out there like print out a gazillion pieces of paper and tape them together that’s one thing i don’t like about PDF patterns i’m going to be honest but I have so many in my bedroom right now I’ve got so many pattern pieces that are just lay around I’ll show you those but I spent many hours I said cause you are is tracing and cutting out all of these pieces that did take kind of forever but that’s part of sewing so not only what I can do with that but I would welcome to what kind of patterns of you guys are sewing this month so let me know in the comments did you find any awesome patterns that you want to share and if you have any questions about these two patterns to ovid essentials booklet or the teahouse trust I’d be happy to try to answer what my experiences were and I will see you next time Oh