1 SHIRT 30 OUTFITS Ways to Wear it | Vintage T Shirt Edition | Tiny Acorn

Hey ladies, welcome back to my channel. My name is Erica today I’m going to be doing a style video showing you 30 different outfits that you can make with only a single T-shirt and I’m actually going to be using this vintage Rolling Stones shirt that I’m wearing right now So if you like seen style videos subscribe down below Stay tuned You Thanks for joining me today, please like and subscribe Hit the bell down below if you want to be notified Whenever I post another style video Looking forward to doing many more of these with you and hopefully you can grab some Inspiration for how you can put pizzas together in your own wardrobe To making new and fun outfits that reflect your style for that day. Have a wonderful day and remember that you are beautiful Just the way you are