I have an idea! Hello, girls and boys! All right with you? I started this video with those pajamas that are not cool. It’s too old. But I had an idea. I’m going to make some really cool pajamas for you. And today’s pajamas. In fact it is a stitch kigurumi. I do not know if you know. The Stitch is a Disney character. From the movie Lilo and the Stitch. He is very cute. And you have no idea how cute this kigurumi is. If you liked this idea, give me a LIKE. And I want a thousand LIKES in this video. And to celebrate those thousand LIKES. There’s a giveaway in my instagram. If you still do not follow me, I’m Daiane Carrasco. And I’m going to give 2 unicorn pajamas. And in instagram, you have all the rules you need to follow. To participate in this giveaway. OK? So come on. Thousand LIKES. Also, sign up for the channel. If you are not yet registered. And now, let’s go to the video! And to start doing that pajama cuteness. We’re gonna need a blanket. You know these blankets we bought in the supermarket. Or department store? It’s this blanket we’re going to use. And as a template, I wore long-sleeved pajamas and long pants. I put the pajamas on top of the blanket. Remembering that the blanket is folded in half. And then, around the pajamas. Leaving a space of more or less 2 fingers. For the sleeves, I folded the sleeves. And I just dialed around the armhole. Around the seam. Because the sleeves, we’re going to do separate from the blouse. After that, just cut it. Since our kigurumi is seamless. We’re going to use glue. And in this process you do not have to economize. You can use a lot of glue. It is for the sides to be firm. From our pajamas. To make the sleeves, we’ll use the leftover blanket. I folded in half. And I left it tight. Over the table. Here, to facilitate my work. I took the outfit to mark the armhole from the sleeve. That way, it will be much easier to stick the sleeve in the outfit. The length of the sleeves will be the length of your arm. And the width you prefer. Make a mark so you do not get lost at the time of cutting. I put the tape measure at the end of the armhole. Until the end of the sleeve. And I made a mark. I did the same thing on both sides. And then I cut. Now, let’s glue the sleeve. Both the bottom, that would be the seam. As for the part of the armhole. Attaching the sleeves to the outfit. Remembering that all of this is done inside out. Now we’re going to make the hood. And the hood is what you most doubt. So come on. I used a hood that I already had, as a template. But for those who do not, there is no problem. The hood for an adult, must be between 40 and 50 cm in length. And if you are a child, you have to be a little smaller. Width, my hood has 25 cm. Remembering that the fabric has to be folded. Because we’re going to need 2 parts. To mark, it’s very simple. We’re going to do, more or less, a half moon. Of almost 50 cm. But, just before 50 cm. We’ll pull a mark diagonally. Closing the half moon. Finishing the markup, we’ll cut it. And then paste. We’re going to glue the whole rounded part of the hood This mark we made on the diagonal, will remain open. And we’ll do the same thing with the pink fabric. I’m wearing a soft fabric. In that color. A very light pink. Next step. Untap the blue hood. Now, we’re going to put that blue part inside the pink part. Let’s make it well aligned. Tip with tip. Remembering that the pink part is still inside out. Now is the time to stick. To paste, we will paste the blue part in the pink part. To the middle, more or less. We can paste too, all this bottom. That is the part we leave on the diagonal. And let’s leave that part open. That goes well above the forehead. Let’s make the stitch teeth. Here we will use soft fabric in white color. I cut a strip of soft. The width is more or less 6 cm. You will choose the size of your teeth. And then I drew a zigzag line. Size, you too will decide. Now, it’s time to finish the hood. We’re going to stick our teeth in that part we left open. Right in the front. It’s super simple. We just have to pay attention to finish the bar. Then the bar will be folded in. And glued over the teeth. And we’ll take advantage to finish the hood.. Here, I’m going to use black and blue felt. To make the eyes. And also, the nose, of course. To make the ears, I’ll use the left over from the blanket. To the ears, I’m going to draw like a lamp. Both on the blue blanket and soft pink.
We’ll use both. To do the outside and the inside part of the ears. I’ll stick one part in the other. Inside out. Then untap. And put a little stuffing inside. It’s just to give a little more volume to the ear. After everything is ready, just stick it on the hat. Oh, and do not forget to put on the elastic. Both on the cuff and on the trouser bar. To stay right on the arms and legs. Let’s finish the body of the stitch. Let’s get the outfit again. And let’s do the stitch belly. Here, we will use a slightly lighter fabric. A lighter blue than we use for outfit. Just draw a circle in the middle. Oval. And then paste in the center of the outfit. And the last detail. But not least. It’s the zipper. In this kigurumi, I decided to put a zipper on. And it’s super simple. With glue, too. I made a cut. I opened the center of the overalls. Passing through the belly. And I put the zipper right next to that cut I made. I tried to leave it as delicate as possible. Not to appear the zipper. It was super right. And it was really cool. And now it is. We’re gonna put the hood on outfit. I folded the outfit in half. That way I’m doing. I left seam with stitching. And there it is. I left the hood closed. In this way. And I put it on the collar of the outfit. Hey guys! Was this pajama cute or not? Certainly! It’s very cute. I loved my stitch. Oh, people. And if you liked it too. I want you guys to leave me a lot of LIKE. And also sign up for the channel if you are not yet subscribed. Come on! I want to hit a thousand LIKES in this video. Leave me the comments. What’s the next video you want to see here on the channel. Oh, remembering that there is a mega draw in instagram. So follow me there too. I’m Daiane Carrasco. And there is a draw going on there. There are 2 unicorn pajamas. I’m sure you’ll love it! Now, in the month of the mothers. That’s it. If you are not already registered here on the channel. Subscribe! And also share this video with your friends. I really hope you liked it. And a super kiss in the heart of each one. And until the next video. Goodbye!