I’m getting ready to move into my new
dorm so I got a new comforter set to make my decor prettier and makes
sleeping a lot more comfortable this is the honeymoon home fashion bed in a bag
comforter set so the honeymoon home fashion comforter
set comes with a comforter like you see here a sheet and a fitted sheet a
pillowcase that matches both and a pillow sham as well as a bedskirt and
deep bag that it all comes in this can help with laundry or you can keep this
to store it in as well so I got the twin extra long for my dorm because that is
the bed size we have they do have three sizes and total B twin deep twin extra
long and the full so this is the pop-up hamper that comes with it here you have
two handles for easy to easily carry you also have the ability to adjust it so if
you want to cover it maybe it’s raining and you’re transporting it or you’d
that’s just how you want to do it that’s there for you as well it’s so easy to
collapse as well I have to do is put in half and fold it and there you go easier
storage easy to store and great for putting in small places the first thing
I noticed about the sheets and pillow slips is that they are so so soft and I
think you could see Trixie here agrees as well because she is sleeping the
sheets they’re so they’re so soft and most printed sheets I think feel way too
rough or thin because of the die but these these are so soft
they’re made of 100% microfiber of the lines which is more durable than a
hundred percent thread count cotton fabric and the fabric is wrinkle
resistant as well that’s great because at college you can’t always bring an
iron or anything like that but these these are just so soft and they’re gonna
make sleeping so nice this is my right Trixie so these are machine washable as
well on the little insert it does say it’s for machine wash in cold with
similar colors on gentle cycle and then it says tumble dry low and remove
promptly do not bleach iron or dryclean so that’s very helpful I think it’s
great for college kids because you know no one’s gonna sit there and want to
bleach this or you dry and go out have a Monday to dry clean this this is a very
nice set so check this out and other patterns available from honeymoon home
on Amazon the link will be down below so you can see all that and make a great
college gift or if you’re looking to brighten up your room you can also get
that as well so let me give you a better look at the bedskirt we have here now
this goes under the entire mattress I have done it here to show you those on
the entire mat underneath the entire mattress you’ll see there are three
sides and then one side does not have a skirt and that is for the top of your
bed where your pillows go and everything like that here we have the comforter the
comforter is in fact a reversible so if you do not want to have pretty stars you
can have a nice royal blue color to look great with your dorm and as you can see
you could probably think Trixie likes the Stars and white so here we have our
pillow slip this matches the sheet and the fitted sheet is so soft I wish you
could feel this right now it’s so soft it’s softer than a lot of the colored
prints that I’ve had it fits a pretty good sized pillow this is a this is a
pretty fluffy pillow and I’ve had trouble with it fitting certain pillow
cases but this one has enough left over that it fits just right here we have the pillow sham this
matches the top of the comforter and it all you have to do is find the slit
right down the back and put your pillow in it that way so it keeps the design
intact so let’s take a better look at these sheets sorry Trixie so here we
have our sheet and just like the pillowcase it’s so so soft it feels just
like a spear your white cotton sheet soft light it’s actually kind of
surprising because I’m used to rougher sheets with designs on them so you might
notice that there is some bunching this like I said earlier this is for a twin
extra long and my bed right here at home is a twin so there’s gonna be a little
bit extra but it’s going to fit perfectly when I go to my dorm next week
and here’s your fitted sheet fits it matches the regular sheet and your
pillowcase and is just as soft as both what are you doing Oh
as you can see Trixie is a comfort living dog and she has not just left her
spot on this bed so she loves the she agrees that it is very comfortable as
you can see she really likes it you might notice my walls are purple and
that this might not necessarily go with my room but like I said this is right
for my dorm I have a blue theme going on there and I was really excited to see
this set on Amazon it’s a very nice comfortable set great for anyone looking
to redesign their dorm they’re new apartment it makes it even better that
it comes with its own little bag that you can carry it in or even have your
laundry so that is the honeymoon home fashions 6 piece comforter set this is
the twin extra-large size and there are two other sizes with it as well please
check description section below for more information thanks for watching guys you