Hi loves
today I’ll show you how to transform this fabric into a beautiful no sew maxi skirt
It only takes 3min to make and it’s inspired by my trip to Turkey and my Turkish friend
Zeliha For this tutorial you’ll need 3 yards or
meter of light jogging fabric. Jogging fabric works well especially since
we won’t hem the fabric Fold it double in the length and then fold
it again Make sure you get all the wrinkles out Use a maxi skirt or dress to make sure the
skirt is long enough Fold it double and place it at the right corner
and cut the waist Cut it smaller so the skirt can sit on your
hips And note that this look only works if you
have hips since the skirt will sit on it Place the maxi skirt on top and use this to
create the round bottom of the circle maxi skirt Use a light pen and draw the line Then cut the shape and that’s it I decided to create this no sew tutorial because I know some of you don’t have a sewing machine
so I hope this inspires you to be creative and think outside of the box And I also chose to make a maxi skirt because
I know my friend Zeliha mostly uses maxi skirts so I wanted to make a look Turkish women can
also wear Open it up and rock it This is the final look. Super easy & fast maxi skirt that is ready
to wear The print I painted on the fabric is inspired
by my hot air balloon flight in Turkey If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video
and learn 8 interesting facts about hot air balloons and Cappadocia I chose this fabric because the dots reminded
me of all the hot air balloons that were in the air while we were flying so I wanted to
incorporate that beautiful memory in my wardrobe. Plus if anyone asks you’ll have an impressive
story to tell Spray the paint on top of it and when you
remove it you’ll have a creative and unique print on your fabric. Let the front dry then do it on the other
side And that’s it This is the final look Hope you enjoyed this easy and creative video. Click like if you did and share it with all
your friends Next week I want to create a top to go with
this maxi skirt. What should I make? Let me know in the comments below Thank you so much for watching and tune in
this Saturday to see 5 different ways to wear wear this circle maxi skirt visit my webshop for travel clothes & more