?? DIY Gathered African Print Skirt + 10% DISCOUNT CODE FABRICS ?? Gambia Culture Couture

hi loves for this tutorial you’ll need 1 yard/meter of fabric an iron a non-seperating zipper pins fabric scissors and a sewing machine first I cut a large piece at the top of my fabric this is the piece I will use for the waistband now it’s time to create the folds in the fabric what I do is fold it double and then press it a little bit then I do the same thing on the other side and continue until it’s large enough to fit my waist but also fit my hips to make it easier for myself I already sew this part so the pleats stay in place now I make sure my waistband fits the skirt by cutting a piece Then I place it on top and pin the top as well this is the part that we will sew afterwards since the fabric is quite stiff I press it again place the zipper with the wrong side up on the side of your skirt pin it in place and then sew along sewing a zipper on is quite tricky as you have to make sure that you sew it along the fabric side without touching the parts that are hard otherwise your needle might break now turn your skirt to the other side and then pin your zipper to that side as well then open your zipper to make it easier when you’re sewing now that the zipper is in place we will sew the bottom and sew along these lines now that that’s done I will sew the waistband in place fold it over and then sew along the bottom line I like my skirts short so I cut a little piece but if you like it longer you can leave it like that then I hem the bottom turn your skirt to the right side since the print of the fabric is very good the back and the front look the same now that it’s facing the front I press it again and then it’s ready to wear! and this is the final look I’m ‘sew’ excited if you want to see more videos with non stretch fabrics click ‘like’ make sure you subscribe for more videos and share it with all your sewing friends thanks for watching! I know so many of you have told me it’s hard to find so comment below and please let me know and you can also follow me on instagram, facebook and pinterest