✂️ DIY Cut T-Shirt Fashion ▶️ no-sew How-To Tutorial

Hi friends, Jenni here. I love cutting shirts & experimenting with DIY fashion. On my @DIYwithJenni channel I compile all my fashion-related videos & playlists. First I cut off the neck And then I cut off some fabric from the bottom. Fold the shirt in half, and cut slits along the back side. snip snip snip Cut little slits on the top of the sleeves. Then fold the front of the shirt in half. And cut more slits down the front. Fold the shirt again so you can cut down the sides. Stretch the fabric Some slits I only make down the bottom half of the front of the shirt. Get creative as you like. 😊 Stretch stretch. Weaving: pull each strand through the next, starting at the top and going all the way to the bottom. Refer to my Tutorials Playlist for slower explanation for weaving. 💙 Cut the last strands and knot them at the sides. Add as much weaving as you’d like. When weaving, you can add a loop before pulling the next strand through, for a different look. Hope you enjoyed this video. More info & DIY Fashion resources / ideas on my site: www.JenniNexus.com/DIYwithJenni