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There was a village possessed by a witch of pot. She was too frightful. She was visible to the
villagers at 3 o’clock every night. She used to carry five pots on her head. here were blowing
flames out from the pots. The villagers used to peek at her from their windows, but no one had
dare to go near her. Hey listen, why does this witch wander carrying these five pots on her head at midnight
everyday? Don’t know whom is this witch searching for? I have a feeling that something is about
to happen very bad in this village. Then, the next day… O brother Heera, this is enough now… whole year passed by but there is no sign of rain till now! I think, there will be drought this year too. Brother, It seems, this is happening because of that witch of pots. She visits carrying pots full of fire on her head across the village every night. I think, because of this, it is causing drought in the village. You are right brother Don’t know brother, when we will get rid of this witch. Let’s go brother, its getting late! have to go to that greedy merchant’s home to get water from his well, otherwise, the merchants
Well will get crowded. This greedy merchant has crossed the limits. He is taking advantage of us villagers. Yes brother, you are right, but we don’t have another option. Let’s go or it will be late! There, on the other hand, because of drought in the village, the greedy merchant would sell his
well’s water to the villagers, because all the wells in the village had been dried up. Oh Mr. Merchant… I don’t have money today, I will pay tomorrow. Kindly let me fetch
water from the well. Oh get out from here… No one will get water without money… First give money and
fetch the water. That merchant had crossed all the limits of greediness. Then one day, .Hey listen, there has been a drought in the village this year too. We should help the
villagers. We should not charge them for the water of our well. Why?, you have been so kind for the villagers. Go and do your work. This is the time
to earn money and I will not let this chance go from me. Ok then, I also would not like to live with a greedy man like you in this house. am going to
my parent’s house. Okay, go wherever you want to go… I don’t care… And the merchant’s wife left the merchant for his habit. Merchant: Now it is fun… This wealth is all mine… Then, the next day, the villagers stood at the well to fetch the water. A saint was standing in
front of the queue. Look saint, the water of this well is not free of cost. You will have to pay for this. Son, I don’t have any money. Then fetch the water from somewhere else. Nothing is free here Son, you are not doing right, don’t have any humanity left in you. You will have
to face circumstances for your deed. Saying so, the saint left from there. Then, at night, the witch came again with five pots on her head in the village. The villagers became afraid of her. This time, she directly went to the merchant’s house and
knocked the door. Oho, who has come to fetch water at night? I will charge him five times for the water. The merchant, then, peeked out from the window, he was stunned. O, I am dead… This is the witch of pots… why has she came here today… What to do now… If I open the door, she will eat me alive. Save me from this witch. Witch again knocked the door, but the afraid merchant didn’t open the door. Then, the witch
put a pot out of the five at his door and left from there. Thank to god.. I am saved narrowly! Then he sneaked out to look, he was astonished to see the pot at his door, in which the fire
flames were blowing out. It seems the witch had come here to fetch some water, that’s why left her pot
behind. Let it fill with water otherwise she will not spare me. He then poured the water in the pot but it didn’t flow in, instead the fire of the pot started
blowing out harder. O what is this.. The water is not flowing in, instead the fire flames have become
stronger. He became tensed. Then the next day, upon dawn He set out straight to the saints’ hut
for the help. O saint, forgive me for I did not let you fetch the water that day. I am ashamed for
the day. That witch has kept a pot outside my house, from which fire flames are blowing out. I dont know what to do, I
even tried to extinguish the fire, but it became blowing harder instead. Kindly solve this
problem. O fool man I told you before too, you have crossed all the limits of greed. You do
not have humanity now, so the witch has choosen you the head of ‘Bhoot Lok’ and she gave you
that pot as a present. She was finding a person whose humanity has been died. O saint, what do I do.. I do not want to become the witches’ head. Tell me any
solution. Now nobody can save you from that witch. He walked towards his house sadly. Then, the next night, O god, it’s 3 o’clock at night… Hopefully the witch does not appear again. Then the horror sounds started coming… It seems the witch is coming again. Then the witch seemed coming carrying the four pots on her head. Hey Sushma look, this witch is carrying only four pots today! O I am dead… the witch is coming straight here what to do now? The witch knocked the merchant’s house door. please go away from here with your pots. I do not
want to become your head. Then the witch put down one more pot at door and left from there. Errr… She has put one more pot here. O god, what to do now! The next day, the pot’s matter is rumored in whole village. Hey Suresh, do you get to know the witch has left two pits at the merchant’s house. No villager has been coming to fetch water for two days. What should I do? This
witch has destroyed my business. He then tried to calm the fire of pot but it became harder. Err.. I am dead, this fire became even
harder. What to do now? Then at night, the frightened merchant was looking out from the window and saw the witch
coming carrying three pots this time. She knocked the door likewise, but the merchant did not dare to open the door and the witch
left putting down the third pot. The same way, the witch came at night and left the fourth pot too at the merchant’s house and
went away. Then the next day, his wife came back knowing about the witch’s matter. Sunita, so nice that you came back. I am stuck in a big problem. That witch is
following me all the way. I am not getting what to do. I told you before that you have crossed all your limits. It was to happen. But I want to be on right track now, tell some solution what should I do now? Then his wife made him understand and he put his all earned wealth in a piece of cloth and gave
it to the village’s head. Hey, the head of the village, this is the whole wealth I had earned selling the water to
the villagers. I have realized my mistake, kindly distribute this wealth among the villagers. Saying this, the merchant set out towards his house. Sunita, I have given all the money to the village’s head. Now I don’t have any fear in
my heart. I have even told the villagers that they can fetch desirable water from this well. I am so proud of you, you have done a good job. Now we do not need to be afraid of the
witch anymore. Then at night, the witch carrying a pot knocked the merchant’s house. Hey Sunita, the witch has come, No no… you have corrected your mistake, now you do not need to be afraid. Saying so, the merchant’s wife went out opening the door. O witch, now you do not have any work here. My husband is now unable to be your
head. You go somewhere else and search out another bad person. Then the witch took the four of pots and vanished somewhere in darkness. Hey Sunita, you are so daring that you went alone to face the witch outside. When we do wrong things in our life, we have fear. but we do not need to be afraid
when we did not do any wrong deed. Then the village was out of the witch’s possession forever.