Лоскутное шитье, пэчворк – блок “Отражение”. Мастер-класс по пошиву лоскутного блока.

Hello to all Patchwork fans!
I`m glad to welcome you to our channel “My Patch”. Today I`d like to continue the cutting theme and present you a block that is called “Reflection”.
Here it is. Today we`re going to make such a pattern. We`ll need two fabric squares 10*10 inches or 25.4*25.4 cm of two contrast colours. Let`s put one on another with face sides, mark the middle of the square and cut it right from the corner. Then repeat the same for another side. Now we cut off the top of this triangle of 1.5 inch. or 3,8 cm. This is what we have. We attach the light side to the dark triangle and vice versa – the dark side should be attached to the light one. Let`s sew them. But there`s one important moment – when you stitch the sides, you should leave such a triangle on the top which would be equal to the width of the overmeasure. It`s obligatory if you want to get a straight line on the top. Here you can see the result. Everything is straight. You may put one on another, align them and cut. Let`s cut it into four parts. I cut 2 inches or approximately 5 cm. Now we start making the pattern. This is what we get. Now we sew all the strips in pairs. And we get such an interesting block.
Please, be attentive and iron all the overmeasures in one direction. And the overmeasures should be of one width on all strips. We`ve got the 25*29 cm block. Before the sewing, we should match all the blocks, they must be of the same size. And only then we can sew them together. And now we can see how we can put our blocks. You may try this way or like this. Or we can alternate the colours – the light and the dark ones, the width and so on. We have a lot of variants. Now I say goodbye to you! Click the Like and subscribe to our channel! Bye!