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In this video, I want to show you how to start beading, such as paintings. It is much easier to embroider with beads than a cross stitch. However, to do this, you need to have a few secrets and practice the embroidery skills. And also it is convenient to arrange a place for needlework. The place where you embroider should be well lit. Best with spotlight. That the light is directed at your choice. The embroidery beads can be placed either on a terry towel or on velvet fabric. To keep him from rolling over the table, it was easy to pick up with a needle. Materials. I like the embroidery kits of TM Magic Canvas. The set contains everything you need for a pleasant needlework. And most importantly – Czech flat beads Preciosa. It is perfectly and evenly sewn to the fabric. And finally, a very neat job. I’m embroidering right on the table. Actually, you can use a hoop. But then, they must be rectangular in shape. Or, use a button to pull the fabric onto the wooden frame. The set does not contain beads. I use white threads for medium thickness sewing. Make sure that the thread is not tangled. The technique of embroidery with beads is this. On the fabric with the printed pattern, you see black dots, you see black dots, which are a benchmark for the needle sticking into the fabric. I sew beads on the fabric with sloping stitches (cross stitch). Be sure to follow the diagonal rule! So. I fix the thread. I take the bead. I adjust the thread if it is spinning. I take the next bead. And next. When the row ends, well, in this case, it is not over yet. But I will show this method. When the row ends, need to sew the bead twice. Then fasten the thread. Beads should be sewn evenly, with the same slope. Which side will you start embroidering: above and below – this is not so important. Important, to make you comfortable. But if you have already begun to embroider in one direction, then this should continue until the end of embroidery. So that in the process you do not find versatile directions of already embroidered rows. I was with you, Kateryna Lyashenko. Always happy for you!